Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

Did you know that Hurricane Season starts June 1st and goes through November 30th of every year? Every year Hurricane Season runs for 6 months. This is the time that the waters in the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic ocean are prime for generating tropical storms or hurricanes.

Those living in Florida have to watch out for hurricanes and always be prepared for not just a bad storm but a storm that can cause massive damage to structures and trees. Many trees that grow in Florida are strong enough to survive a big storm, they have adapted to grow in this type of environment. Oak trees and palm trees are abundant in Florida and that is becuase they grow well in the state but are also very strong and can withstand high winds. Most healthy oak trees can withstand winds of up to 125mph. Palm trees are also flexible and can withstand high winds as well.

How To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Oak Tree Hit By Lightning In Sarasota FloridaOne of the most important things a home owner must do to prepare for hurricane season is to make sure their trees are properly trimmed and are healthy. If an oak tree or palm tree isn’t trimmed and kept healthy it can cause decay or dead branches. These dead branches attract insects which will further cause them to weaken and die. A dead or dying tree is a huge hazard and danger when a storm comes. These are the first trees that will fall over and if they are close to a house they can create a very dangerous situation for anyone taking shelter inside.

Pine trees are also abundant in Florida and they can grow fairly tall. These trees do not need trimming but they do need to be kept healthy. Pine trees can attract moss build up and other types of vines that will grow around the tree. Many homeowners think these vines look nice as they do flower but these vines are slowly sapping the strength out of these tall trees. Oak and Palm trees don’t grow too tall and if they did fall over they will cause damage but maybe not as much as a tree falling from 70+ feet up in the air.

A homeowner must get any tree they think may have an issue inspected by a qualified arborist. Not all tree service companies have arborist or have someone who is trained and qualified to spot issues. The best place to start looking for help is by asking friends or family members if they have a referral of a tree removal company they may have used in the past. Their recommendation might be worth more than what a total strangers says about the tree service. Now-a-days there are so many fake reviews posted online that you really have to do research to find the best providers in your area. Don’t just take one site for their word, but look at social media, other review sites like Yelp, YellowPages and DexKnows. If a tree service provider has bad reviews on some of these sites but not others then that would be a sign that you need to continue researching.

In order to get prepared for Hurricane Season, be sure to have your trees trimmed or removed by a professional before June 1st. If a hurricane threatens an area like Sarasota Florida or Miami Florida, both areas are very susceptible to hurricanes; the price will increase dramatically. Tree services can only get to so many customers in a few days and if everyone starts calling you might get pushed out to a few months before they can get to you.

Tip: Call now, call early and get a free estimate. Most tree removal companies offer free estimates so there really is nothing to lose by calling.